GIS Mission Statement

Empower students to become knowledgeable, independent, critical thinkers who are compassionate with positive moral values and well-prepared to embrace the global challenges of tomorrow.


GIS’s educational objectives are to:

  • nurture the whole person by providing inquiry-based education in an amusing learning environment;
  • promote multiple-intelligence development to allow students to develop their own individual talents;
  • uphold morality and virtues based on Christian faith and through biblical stories,
  • inculcate in each student a caring attitude towards people and the environment;
  • nurture in each student an open outlook in life, respect for cultural diversity and the beliefs and values of all people;
  • develop each student a sense of commitment and social responsibility;
  • integrate sciences and the arts to allow students to adjust well in the competitive trend of globalization;
  • provide a bilingual program that emphasizes a high proficiency in both English and Chinese languages;
  • promote complete integration of Eastern and Western cultures;
  • incorporate a comprehensive educational framework that has attained worldwide recognition;
  • regularly evaluate our teaching methodology to improve the quality and effectiveness of our education.

At GIS, we uphold principles of academic excellence, intercultural understanding and international-mindedness to foster all-round development of students. This is manifested through the international school's culture, teaching and learning environment, curriculum, administration and management. We strive to inspire our students to be caring, knowledgeable and inquiring learners, while developing a strong moral foundation and global citizenship. Through understanding the world, we want our students to create a loving and more peaceful planet.

The management and education team at GIS dedicate themselves to cultivating all-round development both in the classroom and in the world outside. We adopt curriculum framework which is developmentally appropriate for each age level, taught in a bilingual environment with inquiry-based instructional practices and information technology. We also value the collaboration with parents, educational experts and the community.